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My confirmation email to activate my account never came—what should I do?

There are a variety of reasons for this to happen. The email may still be in transit. Depending on internet traffic, it can take a couple hours for emails to arrive. This is more likely to happen around holidays and peak sending times. Ensure that you have given the correct email—no spaces or misspelling. Please check your junk folder and ensure that your email is not using anti-junk software to block any email addresses. If you still have not received an email, navigate back to the registration page and re-enter your email to prompt another confirmation mail.

How do I update my profile?

Use the LOGIN button on the top right hand corner of our website. Once you are logged in, select "Your Profile". Here you can update your personal information and your profiling for future surveys.

Are surveys free?


How do you decide what surveys to give me?

Surveys are assigned based on the profile questions you enter. In order to have the best chances of qualifying for surveys, please accurately answer as many profile questions as you can.

Why do I get asked the same question more than once?

We always try to find the right survey for you. There may be times that you are asked the same question more than once – once in our pre-screening phase (where we are looking for a survey to match your profile), and once in the actual survey itself (where we are verifying that you meet the survey’s criteria). Although it might seem like an inconvenience or a mistake that you are asked the same question more than once – rest assured that it is not and please bear with us through this quality process.

How do I get paid?

Completing a survey will generate reward points. Your rewards are added to your account at the completion of each survey unless otherwise stated. You must reach the minimum payout threshold, described on your account page, before requesting your payout through the selected payment method.

Why do I still have money in my account after I’ve cashed out to PayPal?

There is a minimum payment threshold to withdraw money from your account. There is also a maximum payment limit. The maximum payment limit determines at what increments you are able to redeem your rewards.

Why is there a 2% free when I transfer my money to PayPal?

PayPal reserves the right to charge a transaction fee for all transfers made through its system. This 2% fee is a processing charge applied to all transactions made.

What if I want to delete my account?

Login to your account. Click unsubscribe. Check the box “Do you really want to unsubscribe?”. Click “Unsubscribe”. Click “Ok”.

Why aren’t I receiving any surveys?

Surveys are sent automatically when your profile closely matches the requirements of the survey. We recommend that you fill in your profile with as much information as possible. That way it will be easier to match your profile to surveys that suit you.